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About me

Hi, I’m Tania Jackson - digital marketing strategist, coffee lover, part-time lecturer at Birkbeck University and mother of two, and I’m obsessed with helping women with small businesses get over their fears of digital marketing and tech so they can start making more money doing what they love!

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What my clients say about working with me

  • Very good info on social media, and a few strategies to get seen online.
    Natasha William
  • We need more of Tania Jackson!
    Jennifer James
  • Gordon Algo
    Excellent presenter, clear, concise, funny ( in a good way)
    Gordon Algo
  • Engaging speaker. Great practical information and I can go on use for business. I learned a great deal. Thank you. 
    Jiliams Willians
  • Tripti Khetty
    Really grateful! It's open my eyes to a whole new world. 
    Tripti Khetty
  • Gosia
    Very insightful session, also very professional but fun!
  • Suelli Bomfim
    This workshop strengthened that I need to invest more in knowledge and marketing for my company, and I really want to work with Tania to leverage my company.
    Suelli Bomfim
  • Leomar Oliveira
    I have to thank you for the day I spent and for being so informative. Tania is an excellent person, very professional and friendly. This workshop was a big step that I took to bring my company to success. Thank you very much, Tania!
    Leomar Oliveira
  • Catarina Gaspar
    An excellent course. Very informative, full of innovation, and examples straight from the working world adapted to the students. Full of slides that you can then go over at home to put ideas in place and orient yourself.
    Catarina Gaspar
  • Carol Fustivos
    The event exceeded my expectations! In addition to having excluded many doubts and confirming a lot of the ideas and goals that I have for my company. And it was also clear what action I have to take and what I needed to leverage my business.
    Carol Fustivos
  • Elaine Valicheki.
    I loved your workshop and know you; I hope to be able to work with you soon.
    Elaine Valicheki.
  • Tasha Lutz
    The information was clear and accurate! Thanks, many successes!!!
    Tasha Lutz
  • Joaquina Kunz
    It was a wonderful day, I learned a lot. I loved his way of teaching, simple and very competent. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you for all the care and simplicity.
    Joaquina Kunz
  • Cibele Moraes
    Excellent Event! I learned a lot about various topics that I had doubts, now put into practice. Thank you!
    Cibele Moraes
  • Isabella Baumgartner
    I am very happy with this workshop; I got a lot of learning.
    Isabella Baumgartner
  • Heloisa Marques
    I learned a lot and guided me to what I should use and how to do it on social networks.
    Heloisa Marques
  • Ana Paula Rodrigues
    I really liked the event, I take a lot of wisdom, and knowledge with these marketing tools, Professor Tania was very excluding, objective and friendly.
    Ana Paula Rodrigues
  • Monica Dupont
    I'm extremely happy for the opportunity to participate in this course. A whole new horizon opens up, an awesome network and the best teacher—a course much expected since the last event.
    Monica Dupont
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